Macaron Recipe

125g Cake Cream ( Any colour of Flavour ) 
45g Water ( Weighed on scales straight into mixing bowl)
100g almond Flour ( Sieved to remove large bits and weighed after sieving) Different brands will give different results. We have had success with Sowans almond Flour, Supervalu Ground almonds and Aldi Ground Almonds. With the ground Almonds you must only seive 100g out of a whole 200g bag the Sowans almond flour you will get 250g out of a whole 300g bag. 

Weigh All ingredients on a digital scale incuding the water.

Preheat oven to 135c  & Line baking tray with parchment.

1.  Add Cake Cream and water to mixer and stir to combine.
2.  Whisk on high till stiff peaks form. (6-10 mins depending on mixer )
3.  Remove and fold in almond flour.
4.  Keep folding and until your batter falls off your spatula in a continuous ribbon and you can draw a figure of  8 with the ribbon without it breaking. Mix no more then 2 minutes! 
5.  Fill piping bag with a small round nozzle or  just cut your bag if you don't have one.
6.  Pipe onto parchment paper. Keep your piping bag straight hold it about 1cm away from your parchment and squeeze holding it in place. Stop squeezing and move the nozzle in a semi circle and lift off.  You can use a template for this. Just place under your parchment when piping and remove after.
7.  Tap your baking tray on your counter 2/3 times to remove and bubbles and help settle tops. Leave for 1-2 minutes if the tops arent flat still.
8.  No need to rest ! Bake straight away for aprox 18 minutes at 135c. They will be done if you can gently press the tops and they don't move.
9.  Remove from oven and allow to cool for 10 minutes till you remove from parchment.
10. Post your beautiful creations and tag us @cakecreammix